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Union and Stargaze Bring Ethereum Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

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Union and Stargaze Bring Ethereum Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

Union and Stargaze Bring Ethereum Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

Unitya modular interoperability platform, partnered with decentralized NFT marketplace Observe the starsto facilitate the transfer of Top-tier Ethereum NFTs to the Cosmos ecosystem using the zkIBC bridge.

Union’s zkIBC bridge will enable the transfer of high-value NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, Bored Monkey Yacht ClubIt is chubby penguins from Ethereum to Cosmos.

This integration will also allow Stargaze NFTs to be listed on marketplaces such as Open seawhile ERC-721 NFTs will be available on Stargaze.

Source: União

Enabling Blue-Chip Ethereum NFT Interoperability

The collaboration involves using Union’s zkIBC bridge to facilitate NFT transfers between Ethereum and Cosmos. The process includes establishing an IBC channel between your test networks, ensuring proper mapping and encoding of NFT data. Union’s upcoming integration with AggLayer will also enable NFT transfers between Polygon and Stargaze.

Shane Vitarana, co-founder of Stargaze, said: “We are excited to work with Union to bring leading Ethereum NFTs to IBC for the first time. It’s not just about moving assets; it’s about connecting communities and simplifying the blockchain experience. We are setting a new standard for interoperability and creating a more integrated NFT marketplace.”

Cor Pruijs, co-founder and CTO of Union Labs, also noted: “Reliable interoperability between Stargaze and Ethereum NFTs is a game changer. With Union’s zkIBC connection to Ethereum, we support general message passing, which allows us to securely provide merkle proofs of inclusion for NFTs. This efficient trading environment will revolutionize the way NFTs are handled.”

This integration aims to increase the liquidity and accessibility of NFTs on both Ethereum and Cosmos and is expected to attract more creators and collectors to both platforms.

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Blockchain enthusiast and long-time gamer.

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Teen Crypto Exec Slams ‘Lazy’ NFTs, Predicts ‘Drastic Changes’ Ahead

TokenTalk Staff



Teen Crypto Exec Slams 'Lazy' NFTs, Predicts 'Drastic Changes' Ahead

Untrading co-founder and chief technology officer Yale ReiSoleil, Jr. shared insights into the future of finance and blockchain technology in an exclusive interview with

At age 16, ReiSoleil founded Untrading, a non-fungible token (NFT) and cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to earn future rewards for their sold assets. This is possible through a technology described in an Ethereum improvement proposal called ERC-5173 – NFT Future Rewards (nFR), of which he is co-author.

ReiSoleil says his interest in coding and development stemmed from his love of video games, citing an interest in “discovering loopholes that would allow me to progress faster or unlock hidden features,” he says.

Here is the interview with the 17-year-old CTO of Untrading.

Q: We’ve seen large NFT collections drop 90% in the current market – are NFTs on the way out?

A: NFTs are currently experiencing a market correction, much like the broader crypto market. The 90% drop in some key collections is a reflection of the speculative frenzy that drove prices to unsustainable levels during the peak of the hype cycle. However, this correction does not signal the end of NFTs as a technology or as a valuable asset class.

It’s important to recognize that the NFTs most people are referring to are the speculative, often copycat, lazy, childish cartoons that have flooded the market in recent times. These unimaginative imitations of previous category-creating projects like Cyberpunks and CryptoKitties They largely relied on the “greater fool” effect, hoping to find buyers willing to pay even higher prices. The disappearance of these low-effort “collections” is not surprising and is arguably necessary for the market to mature.

However, the NFT structure itself holds immense potential beyond these speculative projects. As the market evolves, we can expect a shift toward NFTs that offer tangible benefits, real use cases, and long-term value propositions.

Q: “The true power of NFTs lies in their ability to drive the convergence of virtual and real-world assets, enabling new forms of ownership, provenance and value creation.”

A: As the underlying blockchain technology and smart contract capabilities continue to improve, NFTs will play a significant role across multiple industries. From gaming and art to supply chain management and intellectual property rights, NFTs have the potential to revolutionize how we create, own and trade assets in the digital age.

Additionally, NFTs offer a unique opportunity to properly realize the value of provenance in asset ownership. By providing an immutable and transparent record of an asset’s history, origin, and ownership, NFTs can unlock new value streams and create more equitable markets for creators and owners.

In conclusion, although recent price drops in speculative NFT collections may seem alarming, they are a necessary step in the market maturation process. The disappearance of unimaginative copycat projects paves the way for the emergence of more sustainable and value-driven NFT ecosystems. As technology advances and awareness increases, NFTs are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of asset ownership and value creation in the virtual and real world.

Q: How do you see the future of blockchain technology for mainstream use by 2030?

A: This is a tricky question, as we will certainly see drastic changes in the coming years. Just look back 6-7 years and see how old-fashioned everything seemed back then. This technology moves extremely fast and any projections will likely be absurd in hindsight.

However, if I were to do anything, I believe the main improvement we should see is a drastically better user experience (UX) and integration. It is foolish to expect that anyone interested in using blockchain will have to learn several complex concepts and navigate a minefield that could easily result in lost funds/errors if not careful.

The current complexities surrounding this technology make its mass adoption extremely difficult. However, it’s still important for users to have control over their own keys and funds, and this is where Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and Account Abstraction will shine. Only after we achieve ease of use can we see a massive increase in usage, which in turn would pique the interest of more people and lead to more innovation. It’s a great positive feedback loop.


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The narrative revolution of Web3 and NFTs with Springna Zhao

TokenTalk Staff



The narrative revolution of Web3 and NFTs with Springna Zhao

Storytelling has changed in the digital age, with technologies like Web3 and NFTs changing the narrative landscape. At the heart of it is Springna Zhao, a film producer whose journey from a picturesque town in China to the pulsating streets of Hollywood epitomizes the merging of diverse worlds through the lens of digital innovation. Zhao’s latest venture, a film titled NFT30, explores the intricate dance between the digital and the physical, revealing the profound impacts of Web3 on art, society and individual lives.

From the traditional investment wisdom passed down by his mother to the global connectivity of his childhood, Zhao’s path embodies an ongoing exploration and integration of disparate influences. Everything set the stage for NFT30which aims to demystify the complex world of NFTs and blockchain for a global audience, making the intricate network of digital art and finance accessible and understandable.

The vision behind NFT30

NFT30 is a documentary, but it also serves as a bridge between the Web3 domain and the layman’s curiosity about digital assets. Zhao’s mission is to strip away the layers of complexity surrounding NFTs by presenting a narrative that is both informative and engaging.

The film promises to explore the dual nature of digital technologies – their ability to unlock unparalleled creative freedoms and the potential pitfalls of an unchecked digital frontier. Through interviews with key players in the Web3 space, NFT30 highlights the power of NFTs in redefining art, ownership and creative expression.

From Grammy winners to pioneering astronauts, the film seeks to present a multifaceted view of the NFT landscape, ensuring a narrative that resonates with enthusiasts and skeptics alike. This deliberate inclusion reflects Zhao’s belief in the universal appeal of storytelling, where each narrative thread contributes to a richer, more nuanced tapestry of understanding.

“I wanted to create this medium. That’s how it all started. If I wanted to watch one, I believe people like me around the world, maybe like you too, who are curious about NFTs and want to learn in a non-threatening way, even more fun,” explains Zhao.

Navigating the digital dialectic

The digital revolution portrayed in NFT30 has its dialectics. The film aims to strike a balance between celebrating the innovations brought about by Web3 and recognizing the ethical and existential questions they raise.

Zhao’s ambition is to provide a platform where the euphoria of digital advances and the cautionary tales of technological excess coexist, offering a comprehensive view of the Web3 phenomenon. A balanced perspective is crucial to promoting a nuanced discourse around digital technologies, their social implications and their role in shaping the future of human creativity.

Furthermore, the film shows the power of digital technologies to bridge cultural divides. Zhao’s journey from the world of finance to the creative realms of Hollywood and Web3 exemplifies the potential of digital art and blockchain to foster global connections, transcending geographic and cultural barriers.

Empowering Voices Through Technology

NFT30 not only showcases the technological wonders of the Web3 space, but also emphasizes the human stories behind these innovations. The film seeks to amplify the voices of artists, creators and thinkers who are reshaping cultural and social landscapes through their work with NFTs and digital art.

By focusing on personal narratives, NFT30 highlights the democratizing potential of Web3 technologies, showing how they can empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and art with the world.

“It was painful to reduce 75 hours of footage into just 70 minutes of final documentary… but I guarantee you will see the best part. So now we start not sharing much… we delve into the excitement of the NFT world and the digital realm by telling the stories of famous artists,” says Zhao.

The emphasis on individual stories in the broader context of technological innovation serves as a powerful reminder of Web3’s transformative impact on personal expression and creativity.

A reflection on the ethical use of technology

While exploring the realms of NFTs and digital innovation, NFT30 also ventures into the ethical considerations surrounding these technologies. Zhao’s narrative does not shy away from addressing the challenges and controversies that accompany the adoption of Web3 technologies.

Presenting a nuanced exploration of the ethical implications of digital art and blockchain allows viewers of the film to consider the responsibilities that come with the power of these technologies. It encourages a critical analysis of how we as a society can harness the potential of digital innovations in a way that benefits humanity while mitigating risks.


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First Preview of Immersive NFTs

TokenTalk Staff



First Preview of Immersive NFTs

Dear Crypto family, today we are looking at an event organized by an incredible couple, emerging on the Dubai NFT scene.

The VESA and Vernissage team became fast friends as the two entities share a similar vision for fine art NFTs and the maturation of the market. VESA co-founder Lotta also helped Vernissage store his message, some of which are featured here. It has been an absolute pleasure to see Vernissage grow and this article is our token of appreciation in anticipation of their debut exhibition.

Vernissage was born from the electric crackle between the value of art’s lineage, the melted paint dripping onto canvases over the centuries, and the brooding engine room of new technologies. Longtime entrepreneurs Richard and Tatiana wanted to see art nurtured and valued in the Internet age, not trampled under the metallic onslaught of ironic pop culture references and diminished prestige. We abandon value at our own peril, a manic risk like pouring gasoline on a fragile artifact.

NFTs are the anvil, Vernissage wields the hammer. The underlying technology, the enabler, the potential, like that night when two artists knocked on Richard and Tatiana’s door and presented them with a box full of rolled up canvases.

Richard and Tatiana Zalan

Although the platform is preparing for its first exhibition, the Vernissage team, Richard and Tatiana Zalan, are no strangers to new technologies. Their interest was sparked in 2016, when they organized meetings for people interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Art, as their passion, they approached through the high-effort type of digital art, rather than art focused on utility and marketing.

They saw blockchain technology as a vehicle to protect artists’ copyrights and transition into the third Internet era.

True admirers of genuine art, the Vernissage’s origin story began to take shape when, one night, traveling artists knocked on Richard and Tatiana’s door, with a box full of rolled up canvases. They were surprised how these artists were willing to go so far to connect with their potential buyers, and this set in motion the use of technology to continue our legacy of art on Web3.

There it was, value-laden works of art curated in a fast and agile medium, brought to market by experienced decorated people no longer in their twenties. Unusual and peculiar? Yes. Desperately needed? Also, yes.

Vernissage began to take shape.

V is for Vernissage

Vernissage means an exclusive first viewing of a work of art before a public exhibition. The name fits perfectly with the platform’s mission to specifically support emerging artists. It reminds you of something exciting, quite intimate, but also distinct and rich in tradition and value.

Vernissage is striving for something extraordinary. The platform has marketplace and social network functions. The emphasis is on the social aspects of the community and therefore members of the Vernissage community can interact with each other and vote.

Richard and Tatiana want their artists to be financially successful, so cultivating collector relationships within the community is of utmost importance at Vernissage. Its social conscience runs deep, as Vernissage will allocate resources to the education and personal development of young artists in the future.

This focus, they consider, is also represented in the broader context of our society, where socially we live in crucial times. Art can once again play a fundamental role, especially if new technologies are used in bold and innovative ways. This is why Dubai has served Vernissage well since the local government passed relevant laws to make the city a leader in the sector.

Discover the Vernissage platform here:

Immersion Blast on November 8th

The time will soon come. Vernissage is preparing for its maiden exhibition with a new armada of artists which it successfully held and opened a call for in September. Vernissage secured a stunning venue for the event; the Kanvas Gallery in an artistically relevant neighborhood close to Alserkal Avenue.

The Kanvas Gallery lends itself to spectacular immersion, opening up the entire view for artists to use and pushing the limits of sensory overload. Kanvas wants to explore how human relationships, nature and art interact specifically mediated by technology.

Fittingly, the evening’s theme is Canvas of Technology and Humanity.

The experience takes place on November 8th, from 6pm to 9pm, opening night by invitation only.

November 9th to 12th, from 10am to 6pm open to the public.

Dubai tarpaulin

Unit 1, Al Khayat Art Avenue,

19th Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Don’t miss this night of artists, collectors and community.

Vernissage carefully drew a line in the sand, skillfully prescribed the burn around his own kind, a place for artists to repeatedly become the spark.

Successful, financially competent, a worthy opponent.

The VESA team wishes Vernissage a successful exhibition and hopes to meet again in Dubai!


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NFT sales fall more than 31% in April; Ethereum and Solana Experience Sharp Declines – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

TokenTalk Staff



NFT sales fall more than 31% in April;  Ethereum and Solana Experience Sharp Declines – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News c nAtZGVjbGluZXMv0gEA?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen


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