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The future of NFTs lies in Switzerland

TokenTalk Staff



The future of NFTs lies in Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland – 20/05/2024 – NFT and blockchain technology enthusiasts are invited to mark their calendars for the dates of June 14 and 15, 2024, when the city of Lugano will host the new edition from NFT Fest Lugano.

This annual event, now in its second year, is dedicated to celebrating and exploring the endless possibilities of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and their growing impact on the art world and beyond. Furthermore, the NFT festival covers all Web3 topics and all blockchain applications with concrete use cases between innovation and creativity.

NFT Fest Lugano 2024 promises to be a unique and immersive experience where artists, collectors, investors and the curious meet to discover the latest news and trends in the area of ​​NFT and Web3. The event will be held in one of the most prestigious locations in Lugano, namely the City Hall building, and will extend to the pedestrian island in the city center, offering an ideal platform for networking, learning and artistic exploration.

During the festival, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in panel discussions with industry experts, renowned artists, and blockchain technology pioneers.
  • Discover digital galleries with exclusive NFT works.
  • Attend interactive workshops to create and manage your own NFTs. ● Explore investment opportunities and market trends.

Speakers for the 2024 edition will include representatives from Tether, Polygon, ICP, OrangeDAO and many others.

“NFT Fest Lugano is not just an event, but a celebration of the digital culture that is increasingly taking root in our society”, says Roberto Gorini, organizer of the event. “We are excited to bring together some of the brightest international talent here in Lugano to share knowledge and inspiration that will shape the future of NFT.”

With the support of the city of Lugano and several international partners, NFT Fest Lugano aims to be a reference for those looking to understand and influence the digital future.

For ticket information, detailed schedule and participation opportunities, visit the official website:

Use code “Media30” to get 30% off tickets.

Disclaimer: the text above is an advertising article that is not part of the Cryptonews. with editorial content.


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What is grass AI? The data layer of AI

TokenTalk Staff



What is grass AI?  The data layer of AI

What is grass?

Developed as the first product of Wynd LaboratoriesGrass aims to democratize and decentralize Internet resources and ensure fair compensation for everyone.

Through its Chrome extension and mobile app, Grass offers a decentralized residential proxy marketplace, allowing users to leverage their unused bandwidth to gain a share of the web scraping needed to build AI, creating a more robust Internet ecosystem. equitable.

Grass is also developing proprietary datasets and AI models that contribute to the decentralization of AI as a whole, with the goal of making the vast knowledge of the Internet open source and accessible.

Furthermore, Grass aims to play a direct role in analyzing unstructured web data into a format that large language models (LLMs) can train from, making this data accessible through APIs and transforming the Internet into an open source of knowledge. accessible and structured. base.

Grass’ ultimate goal is to become the foundational layer for the decentralization of AI, contributing to the creation of a global, open-source repository of human knowledge.

Source: Grama

How does grass work?

Available through a Chrome extension or mobile app, Grass collects your unused bandwidth and uses it to help power the web scraping needed to AI develop, train and improve.

Crucially, it does this by only leveraging bandwidth you’re not using, meaning you’ll not only be rewarded for being part of the AI ​​ecosystem, but you won’t experience slowdowns in the apps and services you use.

By using Grass, users earn Grass Points. They can be converted into network property, which can then be sold to verified companies for uses such as web scraping and market research using cryptocurrency as a means. Additional payment methods are being explored, such as fiat options via PayPal, gift cards, and the ability to participate in network governance.

Grass takes a firm stance on safety. The app collects basic information such as uptime, IP address connections, sign-up emails, and passwords, but does not access any personal information on users’ devices.

As an example of their scraping prowess and the sheer power of shared bandwidth thus far, the Grass team wiped out the entire blog hosting site Medium in the space of two days, totaling tens of millions of articles and a word count that probably be in the tens of billions.

Source: Grama

What has Grass achieved so far?

Grass entered beta in June 2023 as a Chrome extension and launched a referral program to reward early adopters with additional Grass points.

The Grass Mobile app launched in August 2023, allowing users to earn Grass Points 24/7 – as long as they are connected to WiFi or 4G/5G services.

Rapid growth followed, reaching tens of thousands of signups per day by December 2023. This led to a $3.5 million seed round led by Polychain and Tribe Capital, and including angel investors such as Sami Kassab of OSS Capital and Kunal Goel of crypto research firm Messari.

That same month, Grass partnered with Solana Saga cell phone, launching its Grass Mobile app in the Saga dApp storeand exposing Grass to the Solana ecosystem and the eyes of the crypto world at large.

Fast forward to yesterday (June 19), Grass announced that not only is it expecting an influx of new users soon due to “certain reasons“, but they are also launching the Grass App Store, a variety of free apps – the first being the Grass Community Node – that allows users to help test new features while receiving a multiplier from their Grass score.

The Grass team is currently partnering with AI labs and other projects that believe in their cause, and are looking to develop applications beyond AI training, such as market analysis tools, advertising optimization tools, financial insights tools and a variety of other applications. for industries where data-driven decision-making can be improved by access to the public data that AI provides.

Source: GigaBuds

What is GigaBuds?

Last week, according to industry sources, Grass announced plans for an NFT collection for a small group of his most loyal and long-time supporters as a token of his appreciation – ahead of the proposed token launch, expected to arrive in mid-August.

This echoes a tweet published by the enigmatic GigaBuds account on The account has posted several character-based teasers over the past week, inferring that some sort of character-based, narrative-driven NFT collection is coming to Grass.

Our sources indicate that GigaBuds is the name of this NFT collection, and that these NFTs will play a key role in Grass’ future growth, with a number of benefits and utilities available to holders.

A select group of Grass users were invited to participate in a pre-sale held last week, which sold out within minutes.

Additional information about the GigaBuds is not yet known – although with Grass teasing a major update that will result in a “huge influx of new users soon”, we believe it won’t be long before everything is revealed.


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Will Konami’s Avalanche NFT Gambit, Resella, Revolutionize Gaming or Make Money?

TokenTalk Staff



Will Konami's Avalanche NFT Gambit, Resella, Revolutionize Gaming or Make Money?

On Thursday, one of Japan’s biggest game developers and publishers, with a 21% market share – Konami Digital Entertainment, the brains behind beloved franchises like “Metal Gear Solid” and “Silent Hill,” announced a strategic move into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of its new platform, Resella. Built on the Avalanche subnet and supported by Ava Laboratories‘ AvaCloud Web3 launchpad service, Resella aims to streamline NFT integration for video games and other applications.

While some gamers remain skeptical about the technology’s potential impact on gameplay, others see it as an opportunity to unlock new avenues for creativity and monetization.

Here’s a summary of what we know so far about Resella and its potential implications for the Web3 Games industry.

Resella: An Easy-to-Use NFT Marketplace

Konami promises a user-friendly experience with Resella, eliminating the need for complex crypto wallets or cryptocurrency transactions. The platform will allow domestic users to transact in fiat currency (such as the Japanese yen), with plans for global expansion.

Avalanche, known for its high throughput and low latency, offers a perfect playground for Konami’s ambitious plans. Resella is poised to leverage Avalanche’s technology to create and manage NFTs and bypass gas fees, which is a big problem for NFT enthusiasts.

According to the announcement, Resella will feature exclusive digital collectibles related to its popular gaming franchises. These collectibles will include in-game assets, memorabilia, and exclusive content that players can buy, sell, and trade. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will be minted on Avalanche to guarantee their authenticity and rarity.

Konami’s entry into the NFT market indicates a broader industry trend where gaming companies are exploring blockchain to increase user engagement and revenue streams.

For example, Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft is set to release its first original blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, this year. They have also launched other blockchain projects and collaborated with several networks in recent years. Square Enix, the minds behind Final Fantasy, released an Ethereum-based narrative game called Symbiogenesis in late 2023 and has pursued other blockchain initiatives.

Likewise, Sega has incorporated some of its franchises into Web3 through collaborations. This growing interest from major players suggests that NFTs and blockchain technology have the potential to significantly impact the gaming landscape, but the reception from gamers remains to be seen.

Konami’s vision of a broader NFT ecosystem

Konami sees Resella as more than just an NFT marketplace. The platform is designed to be an infrastructure solution, allowing companies to create and integrate NFTs seamlessly into their applications. This could revolutionize how players interact with in-game items, offering exclusive ownership and fostering new communities.

The Skeptics’ Corner: Concerns About Pay-to-Win

The announcement was met with a healthy mix of widespread interest and speculation. The gaming community has its reservations, as is to be expected. A significant concern is the potential for NFTs to exacerbate the dreaded “pay to win” model, where players who spend more real money gain a considerable advantage. Furthermore, the environmental impact of blockchain technology is a growing concern and NFTs are no exception.

However, experts suggest that Konami’s move could pave the way for other major gaming companies to explore blockchain technology. The success of this initiative could potentially lead to a paradigm shift in the way digital assets are perceived and used in games.


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Konami Leverages Avalanche to ‘Resella’ Yen-Based NFT Marketplace

TokenTalk Staff



Konami Leverages Avalanche to 'Resella' Yen-Based NFT Marketplace

Resella will comprise a centralized NFT marketplace that supports payments in the form of Japanese yen.

Konami Digital Entertainment, the famous Japanese game developer and publisher, is the latest mainstream gaming company to adopt non-fungible tokens.

On June 20, Konami announced that it will launch an NFT marketplace centered on Avalanche, the 11th largest smart contract network by total value locked (TVL).

Konami’s upcoming NFT marketplace Resella will allow users to create, launch and trade non-fungible tokens without using a web3 wallet. The marketplace will be deployed as a subnet of Avalanche.

Resella is adapted for the Japanese market and will support settlement of transactions using Japanese yen.

“Resella eliminates the need for users to open an external Web3 wallet or engage in complex cryptocurrency transactions, thus potentially reducing barriers to entry,” said Konami.

Konami intends to integrate traditional companies and brands with an emphasis on gaming into the NFT sector with Resella. Konami said developers can create NFTs tied to game environments that unlock special in-game content or act as event tickets.

Konami Digital Entertainment is the company behind major gaming franchises including Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

Konami’s entry into the web3 sector could serve as a boon for Avalanche’s NFT ecosystem.

NFT sector struggles

Data from Dapp Radar shows just two NFT collections driving sales in the last 24 hours, with Castle Crush NFTs generating $440 in trades and OG Thor tokens representing just $25 in trades.

CoinGecko estimates that Avalanche-based NFTs represent a market value of $27.3 million, paling in comparison to the $6.8 billion worth of non-fungibles on Ethereum.

However, many leading Ethereum collections have suffered recently heavy drawdowns as Blur’s third season of incentives comes to an end. Four of the five biggest collections by market value posted losses between 24% and 33% last month, according to NFT Price Floor.

Avalanche AVAX token is up 3.58% in the last 24 hours but is down 32% in the past month, according to The Defiant’s crypto price feeds.

Related: Citi Leverages Avalanche for Institutional Tokenization Tests


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Cryptorefills Announces Launch of Innovative “The 7 Deadly Sins” NFT Gift Card Collection Loyalty Program

TokenTalk Staff




Cryptorefills, a leading platform in the cryptocurrency trading space, today announced the launch of its new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gift card collection.

This innovative initiative is part of a broader strategy to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Customers get real-world utility in the form of a spendable balance of up to $500 redeemable at Cryptorefils platform, along with artistic value in the form of a digital asset that can be collected, traded or sold.

Customers receive a real-world utility worth $500 redeemable on the Cryptorefills platform and a digital asset with artistic value that can be collected, traded or sold.

The NFT collection, aptly named “The 7 Deadly Sins,” is a unique collaboration with a renowned digital artist Yassine Oumghar (Yassa). Each NFT in the collection has been meticulously designed to represent one of the seven deadly sins, creating a unique blend of art and technology. Yassa is best known for his “phygital” NFT artworks that are connected to a physical artwork, his affiliation with To start gallery, one of the most prominent galleries in the Dutch landscape, adds an additional layer of prestige to this unique collection.

The collection also leverages Cryptorefills’ innovative new proprietary protocol that allows you to add “gift card” properties to NFTs built on the ERC 721 standard. These properties include a redeemable balance and a place where the NFT can be spent on real goods and services. NFTs are part of a loyalty program that offers the highest level of utility, where the owner of an NFT enjoys a real-life advantage due to ownership.

NFTs will be randomly awarded to customers upon purchasing a gift card on Cryptorefills and will come in varying rarity levels. All NFTs will come loaded with a balance that can be spent on the Cryptorefills platform. The rarer the NFT, the higher the spendable balance allocated, providing customers with dual benefits – artistic value and rarity, combined with a redeemable balance to be spent on gift cards from the world’s top brands.

Commenting on this milestone, Massimiliano Silenzi, CEO of Cryptorefills says: “We leveraged our new NFT technology and worked with St-Art and Yassa to develop a Web3-style marketing and loyalty program that is more personal and valuable to our customers.” He added: “Furthermore, our new technology used for this collection opens up new horizons and business models by intercepting different trends in blockchain. This ranges from adding some form of real utility to NFT collections, web3 brand loyalty programs, and using blockchain to tokenize claims on real-world goods and services.

Yassine Oumghar comments on her collection: “I worked with the marketing team at St-Art and Cryptorefills to design a collection with a story and artistic experience that resonated with the innovative project. One of my physical series is also based on the 7 Deadly Sins, so when I heard about the many brands that Cryptorefills works with, I had the idea of ​​connecting the various genres and categories to the Deadly Sins.”

Carlo Tozzi, founder and art director of St-ART, says: “st-Art was born out of the need for an art space where artists could thrive and art collectors felt supported. We feel that art should be accessible to everyone and free of borders. At st-Art, we are committed to keeping the flame of the art world alive. Gone are the days of art galleries based solely on their own profit and managing the artistic community. We fully believe in the concept of art being accessible to everyone and this begins by directly supporting artists without barriers or prejudices of any kind.”


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