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Here’s the latest NFT news today

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Here’s the Latest NFT News Today

Last updated: April 15, 2024 07:00 EDT | 5 minutes reading

Here's the latest NFT news today

Get your daily NFT news digest today – delving into the stories that go unnoticed among the latest NFT news.

Here is the latest NFT news today:

  • NFT market today
  • MetaMask Partners with Daylight for NFT Airdrop Eligibility Checks
  • Wilder World partners with Samsung
  • New Frontier X launches spaceships tomorrow

NFT Market Data Today

The non-fungible token (NFT) sales volume fell 24% in the last 24 hours, now standing at US$35,628,790.

Although the number of sellers fell by 1%, buyers and transactions increased by 3% and 9% respectively. according to for CryptoSlam.

Half of the 10 best-selling collections are live today.

Among these green coins, Bored Ape Yacht Club sales increased the most on the last day: 227%, to US$954,303.

chubby penguins follows it, with a 110% increase to $864,394.

On the other hand, $PUPS BRC-20 NFTs fell more. Its sales fell 71% to $2.6 million.

$WZRD BRC-20 NFTs comes next, with a drop of 37%, to US$2.5 million.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the top five blockchains, only one has recorded an increase in sales. Polygon sales increased by 76%.

Bitcoin It is Ethereum are in first and second place, respectively.

The first fell almost 40%, recording sales of US$18.4 million on the last day. The latter fell 2% to US$7.93 million.

MetaMask Partners with Daylight for NFT Airdrop Eligibility Checks

Popular non-custodial crypto wallet MetaMask announced its integration with Daylight API to allow users to easily find and claim airdrops and NFTs.

According to to the blog post, they can do so on the “Explore” page at MetaMask Portfolio. There, they will find a section for “Eligible Airdrops.”

Daylight integration allows all interested users to access existing and potential claims based on their on-chain identity.

They can check their eligibility on six networks: Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitration, Base, ZoraIt is Polygon.

While it can be difficult to keep track of “all your on-chain harvests and the hottest NFT collection,” the team said, Web3 “helps us build a social and identity graph that we can leverage to find existing airdrops and new NFTs.” ”.

The Daylight API uses a variety of social factors to suggest unique NFT recommendations for each user, he added.

These include: the user is whitelisted the user owns the required token or a related token the NFT is made by a popular creator the NFT is made by a creator the user has minted from before it is minted by someone the user follows on Farcaster, it is filled by an influencer, is trending among holders of a popular NFT collection, and is trending on the network.

Users just need to click on each card to learn more about an NFT and mint it if they like it, MetaMask said.

Wilder World partners with Samsung

Massively Multiplayer Metaverse Wildest world partnered with the electronics giant Samsung to bring the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain and gaming experiences to the company’s smart TVs.

Per According to the announcement, “the primary objective of this partnership is to ensure the global accessibility of Wilder World on Samsung TVs and other hardware.”

This is a common goal that the partners will pursue collaboratively, they said.

However, the integration of Wilder World into the Samsung ecosystem will be a phased process.

It will start with the inclusion of Wilder World assets and information on Samsung platforms such as, and other future Web3 platforms.

According to the Wilder World team, “by leveraging Samsung’s vast distribution network, we will bring Wilder World into the living rooms of millions of people, exponentially increasing our distribution and visibility.”

Founder Frank Wilder commented that the team is creating a next-gen gaming metaverse with an emphasis on immersion and realism.

Therefore, Samsung’s global distribution will help Wilder World in its mission to make the latter “accessible to everyone”.

Meanwhile, Wilder World is an immersive open-world metaverse experience. Its economy is based on Ethereum and ZERO technology, using the native WILD token for transactions, governance and rewards.

The first micro-experience will be focused on Wheel racing game and will be released for beta in 2024. The racing game will consist of a win-to-win model.

To play, players must have a compatible NFT Wild Worldlike an NFT wheel.

The team plans to improve accessibility when it is publicly released.

Earned and traded NFTs create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world ownership, the team said.

“The limited nature of NFTs allows our players to buy, sell and trade with an active community of Wilders, promoting the growth of their Wilder World collection,” he added.

The game recently it was live about Epic Games as an early access game.

New Frontier X launches spaceships tomorrow

New Frontiera mobile game developed by The drunken companywill launch its spacecraft NFTs on Tuesday, April 16th.

According to According to the website, the NFT collection consists of 9,999 spaceships with different attributes.

Claiming one means owning “a piece of the future with high appreciation potential,” says the team.

Additionally, owners can increase their earnings with elite spaceships. They can also upgrade their spaceships to explore and conquer circular worlds.

Additionally, legendary spaceships have the ability to transform into robots, “elevating their gameplay and investment value.”

The price of spaceships start It costs $400 and goes up to $10,000.

Currently, however, there is a 50% early bird offer on all available ships.

Nova Frontier

Players encounter characters that include humans, aliens, and AI.

The game will be released in Google Play It is Apple app stores.

Tipsy, founder and CEO of The Tipsy Company, counted Decrypt this, to download the game, “you create an account with usual credentials, username, password, email address, zero wallet connection”.

Players can connect their wallets to “amplify their gaming experience.” They will be able to do this in the web application that the company will launch.

However, “if you don’t want to connect your wallet, that’s no problem,” Tipsy said.

He added that Nova Frontier .”

More than 100,000 users have already signed up for the game’s waiting list.


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