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Ethereum Co-Founder Says SEC Is “Educating Everyone” About Cryptocurrencies

TokenTalk Staff



Ethereum Co-Founder Says SEC Is “Educating Everyone” About Cryptocurrencies

Joe Lubin is in a fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not only is the financial regulator waging a war against Ethereum, he argues, but it is also seizing jurisdiction over the future of the Internet. So Lubin decided to fight back.

In 2015, Lubin was part of the team that created Ethereum, the computer network that hosts the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, known as ETH. That same year, Lubin founded Consensys, with the vague ambition of supporting the development and adoption of Ethereum and building software products on the network. In April, Consensys received an unsolicited letter, known as a Wells Notice, from the SEC, informing the company that it was about to be sued. The regulator’s complaint, Consensys was told, had to do with one of the software products in its stable: MetaMaska crypto wallet that allows users to store crypto coins and interact with Ethereum-based apps.

Consensys claims the SEC notice, which has not been made public, alleges that MetaMask has turned the company into an unregistered securities broker-dealer. Specifically, the SEC takes issue with two features of MetaMask: one that allows users to trade between different tokens, and another that allows them to lock up their tokens in exchange for a regular reward, in a process called episode.

On April 25, Consensys filed a own cause against the SEC. The complaint accuses the regulator of “illegally seizing authority over ETH,” which “has none of the attributes of a security,” the specific type of financial instrument over which the SEC has dominion. If the SEC prevails “it would spell disaster for the Ethereum network,” the complaint claims.

In its Wells Notice, the SEC avoided calling ETH itself a security, Consensys says, instead focusing on MetaMask’s features. But according to Consensys, the agency has been conducting a silent investigation into Ethereum for some time, in the belief that ETH should be reclassified as such.

That’s not right, Consensys argues, because an SEC director did it previously described ETH as a commoditynot a security, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a separate U.S. financial regulator, did he made the same thesis. “Consensys has built its business against the backdrop of this regulatory consensus,” the lawsuit states.

In filing the lawsuit, Consensys hopes to drag itself and Ethereum out of the SEC’s control, clarifying the limits of its jurisdiction and encouraging the rest of the cryptocurrency industry to fight back against what it describes as “aggressive and illegal SEC overreach.” An SEC spokesperson declined to comment on the specific allegations made by Consensys, saying only that “failure to comply with securities laws deprives investors of critical protections, including regulations that prevent fraud and manipulation, proper disclosure, segregation of client assets, safeguards against conflicts of interest, oversight by a self-regulatory body, and routine inspection by the SEC. It’s the investors who get hurt and the American financial markets who suffer.”

The following questions and answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.


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Nvidia surpasses Microsoft, Apple; AI Crypto Token Rally

TokenTalk Staff



Nvidia Tops Microsoft, Apple in Market Cap; AI Crypto Tokens Fetch.AI and Render Rally

Nvidia, the American graphics processing unit (GPU) maker, overtook tech giants Microsoft and Apple as the most valuable company on Tuesday.

This surge in Nvidia’s market capitalization triggered a rally in AI-themed cryptocurrencies.

AI tokens rally as Nvidia overtakes tech giants

According to the latest data, Nvidia (NVDA) stock price is now $135.58, giving it a market capitalization of $3.33 trillion. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Apple have market capitalizations of $3.31 trillion and $3.28 trillion, respectively.

To know more: 9 Best AI Stocks to Buy in 2024

Nvidia market capitalization.Nvidia market capitalization. Source: CompanyMarketCap

The main driver of this growth is the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) products, which have increasingly become an integral part of various industries as of 2023. Q1 2024 Earnings Report shows that its data center category saw a 427% increase in revenue to $22.56 billion. This category includes AI chips and AI server components.

Nvidia’s success has also had an impact on the cryptocurrency market. Top AI-themed cryptocurrenciesincluding Fetch.AI (FET) and Render (RNDR), have increased substantially over the past 24 hours.

The price of FET rose 16.3%, now valued at $1.33. In the meantime, RNDR recorded an increase of 10.3%., currently trading at $7.75. Plus, data from the on-chain analytics tool Santiment Shows that RNDR recorded a 33.33% increase in social volume changes during this period.

FET price trend.FET price trend. Source: BeInCrypto

In the long term, Nvidia’s influence on the artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency sectors it should be deep. A report from asset manager Bitwise highlights how the artificial intelligence boom has had a significant impact on data centers, creating a shortage of AI chips and access to electricity.

Bitcoin miners, equipped with powerful chips and advanced cooling systems, provide the necessary infrastructure for artificial intelligence companies. As a leading manufacturer of AI chips and GPU for cryptocurrency miningNvidia can benefit significantly from growing demand.

Greg Beard, CEO of Stronghold Digital Mining, noted that research analysts are sounding the alarm about growing energy demand driven by the expansion of AI data centers. He cites a Goldman Sachs report from April that said data center energy demand, excluding cryptocurrencies, is expected to grow 160% in 2030 compared to 2023.

However, the infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the demand. Additionally, Beard pointed out that the U.S. electric industry has not developed new core energy infrastructure in nearly two decades.

To know more: Top 9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cryptocurrencies in 2024

“AI developers are well capitalized and in a hurry to build, but they face serious barriers to accessing power. The most obvious access to this power is existing Bitcoin mining sites already connected to increasingly valuable energy sources. The only way for AI developers to attempt to overcome the resource gap and solve their future energy needs is to develop new sites and repurpose existing ones, like Bitcoin miners,” Beard told BeInCrypto.


In compliance with Trust Project guidelines, BeInCrypto is committed to providing impartial and transparent reporting. This news article aims to provide accurate and timely information. However, readers are advised to independently verify the facts and consult a professional before making any decisions based on this content. Please note that our Terms and conditions, Privacy PolicyAND Disclaimer They have been updated.


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Top 3 Crypto Tokens That Bridge the Gap Between AI and Blockchain

TokenTalk Staff



Top 3 Crypto Tokens That Bridge the Gap Between AI and Blockchain

Crypto tokens can bridge the gap between AI and blockchain by leveraging the unique attributes of both technologies. Blockchain’s decentralized and immutable ledger ensures that the data used by AI models is secure and tamper-proof.

Cryptographic tokens can be used to incentivize the accurate and honest presentation of data, ensuring that AI systems have reliable, high-quality inputs.

A smart contract could automatically pay for the use of a dataset when an AI model accesses it, streamlining operations and reducing the need for intermediaries.

Here are the three best crypto tokens that connect AI and blockchain and an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence influences cryptocurrencies.

1. Rendering (RNDR)

Despite losing about 10% over the past seven days, Render is up 11% today. Render Network allows users to access decentralized GPU rendering power for various tasks, including AI model training and rendering complex graphics. Using blockchain technology, Render guarantees a transparent, secure and efficient market for rendering services.

The RNDR is used as a currency within the network to pay for rendering jobs. This incentivizes GPU owners to share their resources, providing a decentralized pool of computing power that AI developers can draw on for tasks like training machine learning models.

2. (FET) introduces autonomous economic agents, intelligent digital entities capable of performing tasks, making decisions and interacting autonomously. These agents can represent individuals, companies or machines and use artificial intelligence to optimize their operations and make autonomous decisions. manages a decentralized market where agents can directly exchange services and data. This market allows for efficient and decentralized exchanges of resources and services. The token added 16% to its price today, but lost 18% last week.

3. Akash Network (AKT)

Akash Network offers cloud computing infrastructure that developers can use to deploy and run AI models. This reduces dependency on centralized cloud providers and enables more flexible, scalable and cost-effective computing power.

Akash Network uses AKT to incentivize participants. Resource providers are rewarded with AKT tokens for renting their idle computational resources, while users pay for these services with the same tokens. This creates a decentralized economy where AI developers can access affordable computing power.

Smart contracts on Akash Network automate the process of buying and selling computational resources. These contracts ensure transparent, trustless transactions, making it easier for AI developers to acquire the resources they need without interference from intermediaries. AKT rose 13% today and fell 11% last week.

AI token price movements

Apple shares lost nearly 2% when the tech giant has unveiled its unremarkable artificial intelligence plans on June 10th. The ripple effect has trickled down to AI-related cryptocurrencies, which have underperformed compared to the broader digital asset market. They are all reversing losses.


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Best PolitiFi tokens to buy, turning $1,000 into $100,000

TokenTalk Staff



Best PolitiFi tokens to buy, turning $1,000 into $100,000

As American election campaigns heat up, the fusion of politics and blockchain technology is opening up interesting investment opportunities, with investors seeking the best PolitiFi tokens for high returns.

Investors can benefit greatly from the volatility created by the emergence of these tokens, especially considering that 2024 will be a halving year for Bitcoin and the potential start of a bull run. With an increasing number of politically related coins available, it can be difficult to identify the best ones. Therefore, here are the four main Politifi tokens to consider as the US elections approach.

1. PolitiFi token to buy – MAGA (TRUMP)

Sorceress is an original meme coin based on Donald Trump that has seen better days. Launching in August 2023, Maga’s mission is to support U.S. veterans and protect America’s children. So far, the project has donated over 269 ETH to veterans and over 239 ETH to Child Trafficking Prevention (CTP).

Trading at $8.97, TRUMP is up 17% in the last 24 hours, but down 32% in the last 7 days. As the US election approached, TRUMP faced difficulties trying to get on the ticket centralized exchangesas they argue that money is too political.

However, TRUMP remained the second largest meme in the world CoinGecko by market cap and has over $45 million in daily trading volume. If Donald Trump wins the election, Trump-based coins, such as TRUMP, could see a price explosion.

2. ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

ConstitutionDAO it is one of the few cryptographic experiments that have proven successful. The project began as a community collective to purchase the United States Constitutions through crowdfunding.

The initiative raised $42 million from contributors, but ultimately lost the auction to another bidder. Following the leak, the idea of ​​becoming a blockchain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) was born and ConstitutionDAO was born. Contributors were given the option to exit the DAO by redeeming PEOPLE tokens for the original value of the token. Compared to the current price, this would represent a huge loss to the existing taxpayer.

At $0.087, PEOPLE’s price has dropped 25% over the past 7 days following volatile Bitcoin price action. However, the asset remains the largest political token by market capitalization. PEOPLE hit an all-time high market cap of $691 million on June 9 before falling back to its current level. There is a great support level around the $400 million and $250 million market cap levels, from which a bounce could result in further upward movement making it one of the best political tokens to buy.

3. Jeo Boden (BODEN)

Jeo Boden is a Biden-based meme token on the Solana blockchain. After reaching an extremely low market capitalization, BODEN’s price reached an all-time high of $0.95 in April before falling back to its current level.

At the time of writing, BODEN price is trading around $0.133, up 9.7% in the last 24 hours. Despite dropping 30% in 7 days, it still has a trading volume of over $9 million and a market capitalization of $91 million. The price action shows strong support between $0.1 and $0.09, from which the meme coin is expected to rebound and reach new all-time high prices.

BODEN’s popularity also soared recently after Kraken announced that the token would be available for trading on its Kraken Pro platform. Kraken is a US-based licensed and regulated exchange that could increase the value of BODEN during this election period.

4. PolitiFi Token to Buy – MAGA Hat (MAGA)

Following the meme coins narrative of hat memes, the developers created the MAGA hat, inspired by Donald Trump’s hat. The tactic worked well as the coin exploded in terms of price and market capitalization. As of this writing, MAGA has a market capitalization of $85 million with a daily trading volume of $63 million.

The meme token takes advantage of the support of Trump supporters and its controversial nature to gain media attention and move the token’s price to the moon.

As of this writing, MAGA is trading at $0.0002049, which is an increase of 11% in the last 24 hours. The price action is at a relatively major support level, tested twice in the last two months. A bounce from here could result in prices rallying above the previous high.

Having the lowest market cap on the list and higher volume than some of the others, MAGA is one of the best PolitiFi tokens to buy right now.


The US elections will undoubtedly bring considerable volume to the PolitiFi token niche. Donald Trump has made it clear publicly that he supports cryptocurrencies and that he will encourage the sector if he wins the election. In a broader view, policy-based tokens could be the key to bringing general awareness about cryptocurrencies to the masses.

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Next Bullish Breakout: Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch

TokenTalk Staff



Next Bullish Breakout: Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch

In recent months, competition in the cryptocurrency market has become fiercer as new cryptocurrencies challenge the status quo of the top crypto coins in the cryptocurrency market. Even in the midst of a highly volatile market, there are still some major cryptocurrencies with strong upside potential. Among the experts chosen to invest in June are Angry Pepper Fork, Aptos and Filecoin. With the market experiencing a retracement, this represents the best opportunity to accumulate these tokens.

Angry Pepe Fork: A Game Changer in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Top players in the cryptocurrency market are seeing their positions tested due to the emergence of the Angry Pepe Fork. This isn’t just another Solana-based meme coin; is a new flagship crypto coin set to rival top crypto coins such as Bonk and dogwifhat. Due to its bullish momentum, it has attracted many cryptocurrency traders and investors who are looking away from Filecoin and Aptos.

Armed with its innovative Conquer to Earn model, Angry Pepe Fork is on a mission to defeat the zombie meme coins that are wreaking havoc on the blockchain. With the help of the Angry Pepe Fork Army, these zombie meme coins will be defected. Individuals who display their power on the battlefield will earn rewards and APORK tokens by becoming elite members of the Angry Pepe Fork community.

These individuals will be rewarded using the APORK staking and mission portal. Unlike other projects, APORK’s staking portal will be active during the presale. As more zombie meme coins are defeated, the APORK army’s APY also increases. Currently, the Angry Pepe Fork team is looking for partners who can contribute positively to the ecosystem. Therefore, APORK is the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Meanwhile, the APORK token is in phase 1 of the presale and is selling for $0.014. Unlike other meme coins, APORK token has a strict supply of 1.9 billion. This will create scarcity and increase its long-term value. Top crypto analysts who reviewed the white paper chose APORK as one of the best crypto investments of 2024. Now is the best time to join before it heads to the moon.

Aptos price is expected to rise 60% as analysts predict a breakout

Aptos is a flagship blockchain that uses proof-of-stake smart contract network for faster transaction execution. The main goal of the ecosystem is to achieve high throughput and high security for smart contracts. It uses the $APT coin for all transactions in its ecosystem, making secure payments and participating in key governance decisions on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, the best crypto analyst Jonathan Carter believes that Aptos price is forming an ascending triangle pattern on a 3-day time frame with a high probability of bouncing from the ascending support and rising in the next few days. Based on Aptos price prediction by famous cryptocurrency expert Cryptosahintasthe price of APT will reach $100 in the next few weeks, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Bullish signals suggest a Filecoin price surge on the horizon

Filecoin is a world-renowned open-source cryptocurrency platform that uses the FIL token as the primary utility currency in its ecosystem. Holders of this token can use $FIL to make and receive payments. Furthermore, as one of the most versatile digital assets globally, Filecoin can be traded globally.

According to leading crypto analyst Golden cryptographic signals, Filecoin is one of the best crypto coins to keep an eye on. The analyst believes that Filecoin price is forming an ascending channel, which indicates that an uptrend is on the way. Although Filecoin’s market capitalization and trading volume have not been impressive for a while, the token is still hovering around the $5 support zone. With more buyer activity, FIL price will test the $10 mark soon.

Visit the Angry Pepe Fork presale

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before purchasing any cryptocurrency or investing in any project. Read the full information Here.


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