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BASE joins meme frenzy as BRETT takes off; GFOX placed at the top of the lists

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BASE joins meme frenzy as BRETT takes off; GFOX set to top lists

Disclosure: This article does not represent investment advice. The content and materials presented on this page are intended for educational purposes only.

Coinbase is experiencing a memecoin boom, with utility-focused Galaxy Fox (GFOX) among those thriving, following the success of BRETT.

The Base blockchain has seen a significant increase in transactions, largely driven by enthusiasm for memecoins. Base is Coinbase’s flagship blockchain which has seen its average daily transactions increase over the past week.

This increase in transaction volumes is reminiscent of what the Solana blockchain has experienced in recent months. Traders are constantly exploring the best crypto to invest in, and memecoins are jostling for the top spots.

GFOX continues to show its advantage with a successful pre-sale which allowed more than 6 million dollars in its symbolic sale. Its growth is proof that with new ideas and a bold mission, a new project can attract investors.

The base looks at the memecoin frenzy

According to a report, average transaction volumes on Base, a layer 2 developed by popular US crypto exchange Coinbase, have jumped to around 1.5 million per day – up from an average of half a million a few months ago. The total value locked (TVL) on this blockchain now stands at approximately $2.7 billion.

As with most blockchains that experience sudden high usage, on-chain activity has increased with BRETT, the top memecoin by market cap on Base. It’s worth noting that developers have their work cut out for them to provide the scalability needed for increased transactions and activity. Although prices have cooled, as seen with Bitcoin and Ethereum, BRETT memecoin has a market cap of over $265 million, down just 6% in the last day.

The impact of memecoins on Base and other Layer 2s is a testament to the power these projects wield in the crypto landscape. This represents growth since the early days when Dogecoin was a complete joke that no one took seriously. Since 2019, memecoins have gradually become viable assets for many traders, and one of the fastest growing sectors of the cryptocurrency market.

Such disruption is proof that memecoins are more than just a cultural phenomenon. Anyone making a list of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy will likely include at least one or two memecoins. Another level of growth for the sector is that some memecoins can drive independent blockchain adoption.

GFOX is poised to become a top 20 memecoin

Galactic Fox is a next-generation utility memecoin that is quickly rising on traders’ radars. The project recently concluded its presale and the project team launched for $0.004, with the project expecting a huge rise in the coming weeks.

GFOX was listed on April 18, 2024, with traders able to trade on the token via Uniswap. The game itself launches on May 11 and preparations are well underway for a soft landing.

Galaxy Fox has the full repertoire, with a play-to-earn token, staking rewards, NFT collection, gaming merchandise, and much more all under one roof. Players get the chance to play an exciting game and experience a potentially lucrative experience.

The development team is working overtime to ensure a successful launch of the game. By combining utility and unique token management, this project is considered by many analysts to have serious potential to rank among the top ten memecoins.


GFOX is representative of the next era of memecoin development. It’s no longer enough for a memecoin to have a fun logo or online notoriety. Combining the community effect of a P2E game and NFT collectibles ensures that Galaxy Fox has something for everyone. Regular players and investors began trading on April 18, tapping into the growth potential in store ahead of the game’s May 11 launch.

To learn more about GFOX here, visit the Galaxy Fox presaleOr join the community.

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Memecoins in deep distress, while FLOKI, WIF, BONK and PEPE plunge hard

TokenTalk Staff



Memecoins for 3x profits by the end of May!

The bearish cartel launches a new attack on the crypto space and drags the BTC price below $65,000 for the first time in the last 40 days. Meanwhile, memecoins like FLOKI, WIF, and BONK cost close to double digits. Here’s what to expect from these tokens by the end of the month.

FLOKI (FLOKI) Price Analysis

FLOKI Price is testing one of the crucial ranges after the latest crackdown in crypto markets. The token has plunged almost 10% since the early hours of trading while defending the lower support zone. Therefore, a slight downward movement could initiate a 12-15% decline, but technical data suggests that a rebound could be on the horizon.

FLOKI price plunged and reached the lower band of the Gaussian channel. Although the channel continues to remain bullish, a slight drop to $0.000016 could trigger a bearish signal. However, the RSI turned down and tested the lower threshold, which could initiate a strong rebound, thus avoiding excessive losses. Therefore, after consolidation in a narrow range, a rebound could occur, pushing the levels above $0.00017.

dogwifhat (WIF) Price Analysis

WIF Price has been stuck in a deep downtrend since the beginning of the month, which continues to intensify every day. The price is approaching the consolidation peak and therefore appears subject to a strong rebound. However, technical data does not suggest a strong possibility of a trend reversal.

The Gaussian channel has just turned bearish, while the Balance Volume (OBV) is heading towards the lows. These indicators suggest that the price may continue to move towards the lower targets as the bulls failed to defend the lower support. Selling pressure has been building up and hence the price is expected to maintain a downward trend as the bears hold greater dominance.

Bonk (BONK) Price Analysis

Similar to other memecoins, BONK price has also fallen below the crucial range but continues to remain under the bullish influence. The price was repeatedly rejected at the high, causing extreme exhaustion among the bulls. Therefore, a bearish trade has occurred, which is expected to initiate a reversal very soon.

The recent breakout suggests that price is close to completing a double top pattern; however, it may trigger a bounce before reaching the neckline. The RSI has fallen to the lower threshold and is trying to initiate a rebound. Therefore, BONK price could see a decent rise over the weekend and reclaim $0.000025.


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Crypto: the new generation Memecoin Borpa arrives in Stakeland!

TokenTalk Staff



Crypto: the new generation Memecoin Borpa arrives in Stakeland!

In the ever-changing world of crypto, a new star has been born: BorpaToken ($BORPA). Featured on Stakeland, this next-generation memecoin promises to revolutionize the market with its playful and deflationary approach to finance.

The $BORPA crypto meme is coming to Stakeland!

Stakeland is an innovative social staking platform that strengthens the Memeland ecosystem and promotes growth of memecoins. By allowing users to stake $MEME and other cryptocurrencies, Stakeland provides a unique opportunity to earn tokens from promising new projects at minimal costs. With significant anti-bot measures to ensure fair distribution of $MEME rewards, Stakeland positions itself as a key player for investors looking to engage in the dynamic world of memecoins.

Landing on Stakeland, $BORPA will merge its speculative nature and cult appeal to generate even more interest from the crypto community. With its charming memes and innovative gameplay, BorpaToken will provide a unique and engaging experience to users.

The start of farming on Stakeland is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2024! Marking the start of a new era for memecoin investors and enthusiasts. Participants are invited to bet their $MEME on Join the adventure and take advantage of the opportunities offered by $BORPA from day one.

Borpa continues to revolutionize the world of memecoins

BorpaToken is positioning itself as a strong bet on the future of memecoins, outpacing other crypto niches as the industry evolves from technology to culture. With 41% of the supply reserved for mining liquidity incentives spread across five chains, BorpaToken is poised to set new standards in the memecoin space.

The whitelist campaign has already generated considerable buzz, distributing 4,180 “golden tickets” with a $200 allocation to members and key partners to maximize attention around the launch. This approach ensures widespread engagement and gives everyone a fair chance to secure early investment opportunities in the $BORPA token. This winning strategy saw allocations reach $65 million! Well beyond the $220,000 the BorpaToken team hoped to raise from preferred holders. This almost 300% explosion shows the community’s confidence in $BORPA.

In conclusion, BorpaToken, $BORPA, is much more than just a memecoin; it is a promise of financial entertainment and potential gains in a market seeking freshness and innovation. With its imminent launch on Stakeland and its multiple blockchains, as well as the start of farming, $BORPA is ready to capture the imagination of investors and establish itself as a major player in the crypto scene in 2024.

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BOME and Meme Coin Offer Reverse Entry with Breakout Chances

TokenTalk Staff




As overall market conditions are more volatile than ever, the bullish trend of meme coins is taking a hit. However, low-cap meme coins like BOME and MEME show a possibility of recovery from crucial support.

With the rally momentum and breakout chances, will these even low-cap meme coins lead to a bull run next week?

BOME reversal to $0.00882

With a morning star pattern at $0.0082, the BOME price trend presents a positive cycle chance in the daily chart. The Book of MEME coin showed a 5.42% price rise last night at the crucial support level.

Trading View

Additionally, the daily BOME price chart shows a downward trend, forming a resistance trendline. This bearish phase forms a descending triangle pattern, keeping the bullish growth in check.

Currently, the meme coin is trading at a price of $0.0087 with an intraday decline of 1.55%, reflecting intraday weakness. However, the daily RSI line shows bullish divergence during the recent declines at $0.0082.

With some optimism, a reversal rally can reach the overhead resistance trendline by surpassing the $0.010 mark. A trendline breakout rally can reach the $0.0188 mark.

MEME Coin Price Breakout Rally Eyes $0.025

With a downtrend in motion, MEME coin price action is showing a falling wedge in the daily chart. The falling wedge trend is observed in several altcoins under current market conditions, suggesting a pullback phase. However, the recent overnight jump hints at a positive cycle within the trend.

Trading View

Currently, MEME price is trading at $0.01943 with an intraday decline of 1.86%, following last night’s 7.58% jump. The overnight jump formed a morning star pattern at the crucial support trendline, revealing strong chances of a reversal.

Considering the reversal momentum, the meme coin price may challenge the overhead trendline near $0.025. Additionally, a bullish rally can cause prices to rise to the psychological mark of $0.050.


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DEGEN ranks #2 in Memecoin metrics despite notable drop in value » The Merkle News

TokenTalk Staff



DEGEN ranks #2 in Memecoin metrics despite notable drop in value » The Merkle News

DEGEN recently achieved an impressive ranking, securing second place in various on-chain metrics for memecoins.

This includes the number of traders and the number of transactions, placing DEGEN just behind the popular Dogecoin (DOGE). This is particularly notable given that DEGEN’s market capitalization is only 0.79% of that of Dogecoin.

Despite this success, DEGEN experienced a significant drop in value. Over the past 24 hours, its value has fallen by 11%, contributing to a total drop of 27% over the past seven days.

On-chain data reveals that Whale 0x7be offloaded all 40.21 million DEGEN tokens, worth approximately $429,000, in exchange for 122.8 ETH at an average price of $0.01092 per token.

DEGEN Whale posts notable loss after sale

Interestingly, this whale initially acquired the DEGEN tokens with 300 ETH, valued at $891,000, at an average price of $0.0222 each on April 14, 2024.

This recent sale resulted in a substantial loss for the whale. After selling the tokens, the whale recorded a loss of 177.2 ETH, which equates to approximately $639,000, a four-month decline of 59.1%.

Fluctuations in DEGEN’s value highlight the volatility inherent in the memecoin market, even though the token generates significant trading activity and trading volumes.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before purchasing any cryptocurrency or investing in any service.

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Image source: jtdee23/123RF // Image effects by Colorcinch


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